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Read the Story of How Julieanne Lost 25 Pounds and Has Kept it Off for Over 10 Years!

Weight Loss Program Pleasanton

“For many years I really struggled with my weight and my health. After my last child was born, I not only had excess weight to lose, I was just feeling sick! I ached everywhere! I suffered with head-aches. I had no energy. My poor husband thought I was losing my mind because nobody could be sick all of the time...but I was! Not to mention, losing weight was always in the back of my mind too!

Can you relate with my story? Have you struggled to lose your weight? Have you ever been so tired by 5:00 p.m. that all you wanted to do was sit on the couch with a bag of chips and watch TV? Have you ever gone to your closet to find something to wear, but everything was too tight? Have you ever start-ed a “diet” with all the enthusiasm you could mus-ter, only to cave into the temptation of your favorite treat within a day or two? Do you ever feel alone in your weight loss struggles? “Well I finally realized that I needed help! After years of trying on my own, I finally realized this...If I could have lost weight on my own by now, I would have!

So realizing I needed help, I went to many doctors for answers to my problems. All kinds of tests were run, all kinds of ideas were thrown at me. “There were those who just wanted to give me pills, shots or operate to ‘fix’ me, but deep inside, I knew that would only be a temporary fix, and that it wouldn’t last.

I know they were trying to get rid of my ‘symptoms’ but I wanted to resolve the underlying problem! “I had ALARMS going off in my body...I was OVERWEIGHT, I didn’t feel well...something was wrong… “It finally hit me, if an alarm went off in my house, I wouldn’t just turn off the alarm, I’d find out why the alarm was going off. “I didn’t just want to stop the alarm, I wanted to solve the prob-lem. I wanted a real solution. I was sick and tired of being overweight and sick and tired of being sick and tired. “I wanted answers and I was going to search and search until I found the answers I need-ed. “It’s amazing what happens when you earnestly start to look for answers...when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I finally met a special doctor and I realized I had found the answers!

I know you are probably hoping that this doctor told me there was a ‘magic pill’ I could take to lose my weight and feel better and that I’m going to tell you about that ‘magic pill.’ “But there was no magic pill, but rather a systematic process that helped me transform from overweight, sick and healthy, happy and energetic!

I made several discoveries I’d like to share:
Being accountable to someone for weight loss will be a major factor in your success!
A FAT body is a toxic body! Your symptoms are telling you something...don’t ignore them!
There are certain nutrients you need for your body to be healthy and in order to lose your weight!
You have FAT BURNING HORMONES that should be helping you lose weight!
STRESS and your thoughts have a huge impact on your weight loss efforts and that there are break-through solutions for that!!

One reason why I LOVE to share this message is that this SYSTEM works and has long-lasting re-sults! It’s one thing to go on a diet, it’s another thing to really transform from overweight and sick to fit and energetic...and then to keep it off for over 10 years….well that’s unheard of! But with the right tools working for you within the right system, this is possible! “If you can relate with what I’ve said, I’d urge you to take action and find the answers just like I did. lost my weight and gained my health...and you can too!”

“I will never have to put up with the failing health, pain, and other symptoms again. And, neither do you!”

Weight Loss Program Pleasanton

Within 5 days, my diabetic symptoms disappeared completely, as my blood sugar levels stabilized!

Within 7 days, my aches and pains from tendonitis were completely gone!

After 30 days, my blood pressure improved!

I stopped snoring at night!

Within 30 days, the age spots disappeared from my hands.

Within 45 days, I lost 40 lbs.

I feel 25 years younger.

I have maintained everything I’ve mentioned above for eleven months now.


Make your weight loss dreams true!

Weight Loss Program Pleasanton

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