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Discover What You can Achieve When You Dare to RELAX

How long have you dreamed of having a trim, fit body… kicking your smoking habit for good… living your life stress free… gaining freedom for your chronic pain… or otherwise changing your life?

What if you discovered a way to achieve your goals in just a few minutes a day? Well now you can with an exciting new technology called SMT.

The power of the mind is nothing new to science. Doctors have known for decades that the mind has the power to help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, overcome phobias, accelerate learning, and enhance athletic performance.

While the lights and tones soothe you, SMT (self-mastery technology) audio-sessions help focus your mind so you can finally release unwanted habits and get more of what you want out of life. And, because the effects are cumulative, there’s virtually no limit to how good you can feel or what you can achieve!

SMT - The Safe, Natural Solution!

Will SMT work for me?

Almost anyone can use SMT to visualize and create the life changes they desire. Your imagination and a reasonable commitment are all you need to get excellent results.

Is SMT safe?

Absolutely! The two components to SMT - SMT - are 100% natural and have no side effects . . . unless you count more restful sleep, a boost in energy, enhanced memory and focus, and an overall sense of wellbeing!

Does SMT really work?

Yes! There are dozens of scientific studies that prove the power of the mind, and all of's case histories are documented.

How does SMT work?

SMT helps you achieve the mind states where you can focus on and visualize the life you want to create for yourself.


It's Your Life...Live it in Health!

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Are You A Victim of Conditioned Hyper-eating?

How many of these symptoms do you have?

Feeling that food controls you

Eating even when you're not hungry

Eating too fast

Craving sugar, salt and fat

Eating without conscious awareness

Feeling compelled to continue eating even when you know you should stop

The inability to identify the feeling of fullness

The ability to relieve anxiety or depression by eating

If you experience any of these symptoms, your brain has likely already developed the condition hyper-eating, which means Self-Mastery Technology may be just the solution you've been searching for.

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